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Risk free explainer video production

By 23 April 2014No Comments

Okay, nothing is really 100% risk-free, but we’ve made our working process as close to it as we could possibly get. How do we do this?

Regular updates
We mostly communicate and keep you up to speed via a project on Basecamp. We upload voice-over samples, stills, music samples and video clips for you to follow our progress  as we work.

Review sessions
We upload full draft scripts, style samples, the voice-over track and then the finished edit for you to review and provide feedback.

You’ll get to see a rough set of boards so that you can get an idea of how things will appear.

Animatic example

The animatic will take those boards and combine them with the voice-over into an animatic video that will let you see and hear how the video will be before we’ve committed to production.

Once everything is finished and the review copy of the explainer video is posted online, we allow up to three sets of revisions.

With all of these  in place and so many opportunities for feedback, it’d be pretty difficult for us to produce a video that you’re not happy with.

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