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I couldn’t begin to tell you about how many times a great idea has been stripped down to a good idea because of fear. Something with massive potential becomes something that just works, something safe. It’s easy to let fear rob you of opportunity when it comes to marketing your business. You couldn’t possibly have a funny marketing video, a shocking and perhaps controversial video or an explainer video that gets attention in a BIG way…it’s best to play it safe and make sure it’s pretty much along the same lines as the animated video your competitors have. That way, the head of marketing at your company won’t hold you responsible for it if a few people don’t like it. But think of this, how would your boss feel if the video you commissioned increased sales by 30%? Or 50%? Or more? Take a look below at a two of the most successful internet marketing videos. They’re not ‘safe’.

Dollar Shave Club: This video fits the ‘risk’ category for obvious reasons but it currently has over 15 MILLION views. Although I wouldn’t ever advise a client to have swearing in a video (we don’t produce videos with expletives – even if they’re bleeped like in this one) this video works very well at selling the no-frills service in a unique way.

Dropbox: Many clients have told us that this style of promo video was ‘too childish’ or ‘scribbly’ to ever work but it has over 30 million views*

Seinfeld was the most profitable sitcom in history. I loved it and still do. However, in the UK, most people don’t get it. They think Jerry can’t act, Kramer is over the top and that it’s about nothing. If the folks who made Seinfeld thought ‘hey, Europe really won’t like what we’re doing here, we better tone things down and write some bigger plots’ it might have been reasonably profitable…or it might have only went a couple of seasons…or been a complete flop (or cancelled after the pilot like ‘Jerry’).


Whether it’s content or style, sometimes the real risk is not taking a ‘risk‘.

*the embedded video above is not the original from the dropbox website. Views info source.

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