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While it’s true that brands, products and services are more applicable or attractive to certain demographics, your target audience is always the same…human beings. Even if you’re marketing B2B, a business is made up of people. However you look at it, its a person who will watch your explainer video.

A past client informed us that a certain demographic (let’s say clothes designers for the sake of this blog post) was made up entirely of a certain kind of person and that we had to tone down the entertainment and humor and make sure it didn’t seem like they were anything other than absolutely professional and corporate. However, what they didn’t recognize was that people are people regardless of their job title. In this case, although we did protest, we ended up with a video that was less interesting than anything we’ve produced in a while and it was created that way on purpose. Guess what? It didn’t go down as well with their audience as most of our work does. Sure, it’s still more effective than handing out fliers or using web pages or PDFs to sell the idea but it could have been much more impactful and memorable.

Yes, you have to be respectful if you’re promoting a book about 9/11 and you need to think carefully about humor if you’re promoting a funeral parlor but these are rare exceptions. When people watch an animated video, they’re not expecting something flat and tedious, people associate animated video with a more lighthearted approach.

It doesn’t really matter what your business is, what service you’re offering or what your idea is, you’re pitching it to human beings and humans tend to like to be engaged and entertained regardless of age, gender, culture or profession.

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