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Considering that the average concentration span of an average Joe surfing the internet is dwindling year by year, an explainer video is now more valuable than ever. When people have to commit to the task of trawling through information for what they’re looking for with no real guarantee that it’s not a complete waste of their time, they’re less and less likely to stick around and will probably end up being distracted by Facebook and Buzzfeed instead. The problem is that there’s so much to do on the internet that we shorten our attention spans to mere seconds and bounce from one thing to the next almost constantly. As a result, we get the browsing equivalent of road rage…we have to get past this obstacle in order to encounter the next one as quickly as possible. The biggest fear of the website visitor is wasting their time on your site when they could be reading celebrity gossip, watching video of cats playing piano or checking through photos of their boss’s stag night on Facebook. It’s about having a certain amount of time to find the right Bank Account or the best Measuring App and not having to waste time being bored to death by reading about each choice…basically, it’s fear of committing to a task. That fear is stripped away when all the visitor needs to do is click ‘play’. No work…no real commitment, just 90-120 seconds of doing almost nothing and being entertained while relaxing. You can offer your visitors work…or you can offer them 2 minutes of light entertainment in the form of an explainer video.

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