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‘There’s four people working on this? Why do you need more than one person to make a cartoon?’

‘You’ve only got four people on the project? Where’s the rest of your team?’

Most clients see how many people are on an average project and they accept it for what it is, not too few and not too many but just the right amount. However, every now and then we get asked about staff.

We hire scriptwriters, voice-over talents and we have two people working on project management and production. So everyone has a task that keeps them busy and when they’ve completed their tasks, they’re off the project. This achieves a few things, one of which is that it allows us not to have to charge $25k a video in order to cover a lot of unnecessary expenses such as the coffee boy’s wages. We’ve never believed in charging more than what is right for our services. We’ve found that you don’t need 20 teamsters, email managers, executive financial consultants, a producer, a producer’s assistant, his secretary and her dog groomer to make an animated marketing video. Where there’s a job to do, we have someone to do it. It’s a simple approach and it works.

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