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S ome of you may have seen my name on the bottom of an invoice or email, or on the introduction page of the website, but for a long time I have been the silent partner within Lost Marble. I have been here from the beginning (I had no choice, I’m married to Lee…) and I actually play quite an involved role within the business. When second opinions, edits, scriptwriting or ideas are needed, I am the ‘go-to gal’; however, until recently, I also had my own vocation as a teacher, as well as my full-time mothering role.

While I can’t quit the mothering job, even when I feel like it, I have put teaching on the shelf in order to play a more active role within Lost Marble, as well as having more time for us to be able to spend together as a family.

I really love writing, and have been helping with the scriptwriting process for a while now, so am hoping to do more of that… as well as keeping this blog running regularly. When it goes silent for a while, it is usually when Lee is at his busiest animating, so I should be able to keep it going during these busy periods.

I would also like to bring in another perspective…

Lee is the creative genius around here, so a lot of the time I play client’s advocate, trying to see things from another perspective and making sense of the (sometimes confusing) requests he has to deal with. Lee puts the words into pictures; but sometimes we have to work together to put the ideas into words first.

I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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