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Why you need an explanation video

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]”During December 2011, there were 164.3 million unique U.S. video viewers who streamed over 22 billion videos and spent more than 5 hours on average watching online video.”   – Nielson Wire[/pullquote]
It’s no secret that video has a MASSIVE presence on the Internet. More than 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube alone. The number of daily views on YouTube is somewhere around 1 billion! That’s 41million views per hour! In the United States and most of Europe, 80%+ of
the population use the Internet with 82% of those people viewing video regularly. Businesses are finding that on average, a visitor to their site is twice as likely to opt-in or purchase when the site offers their pitch via a video rather than static text and images. People need to be constantly entertained and engaged on the Internet. There’s so much content and so many alternatives that if you don’t grab them almost immediately, the instant reaction is to click away somewhere else. This is where text and photos lose you potential revenue. If you have something new or innovative to sell or have a new concept to explain, you need an explanation video to do it. Watch one of the explainer videos below – would you rather your customers hit play and sit back with a coffee while animations and characters tell them your story and explain everything in plain English? Or would you prefer a 700 word web page with a few stills and hope that they didn’t get distracted and head off to YouTube to watch cats play piano?

Think of the last time you explained something to someone. You probably used your hands to gesture. Perhaps you had props or drew a quick sketch on a piece of scrap paper. Maybe you mimicked noises or pointed to something similar. The fact is, you didn’t do all those things just for fun, you did it because most of the time, just saying something isn’t enough. We’re made to communicate things visually as well as with words.

Another huge benefit of using an explanation video is that you immediately become more visible on the web. Now you can be found on YouTube and on any social media platforms that you use to share your explanation video. Google will often bring up videos at the top of page one in their search results so having a video and having it tagged effectively is invaluable.

So the point here is that if you want to reach your customers using just a website…you’re missing out by on average, 50% of your potential reach. An explainer video can fill the void and help your viewers have that light bulb moment where it all comes together and they understand why you’re offering them your product or services and why they should give you their hard-earned cash in exchange for it.

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