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Getting a first page Google ranking using video

Here’s a few quick tips and tricks to use your explanation video on your website to boost your Google ranking.

Name the file correctly
Make sure that the video file is named using keywords. So if you’re selling firewood and your customers are likely to search for ‘firewood’, don’t title the file ‘our_video_promo’ or ‘hanks-logs’, use keywords like ‘firewood’ or ‘firewoodlondon’.

Use Youtube
Make sure you upload your explainer video to Youtube (Google favours Youtube for obvious reasons). Even if you’re going to host the video yourself (I do NOT recommend this) still upload it to Youtube. Too many clients ask us “should I use this video on Youtube or Facebook or just on our site” and the answer is always the same: ‘Why choose? Why limit your chances to be seen? Upload, share and embed your video in EVERY possible place. Yes, Google recognizes that there’s a video embedded on your web page and that benefits you but Google also checks the video’s views. So if you’ve shared your video in every available place on the web and increased your view count, Google will see that the video embedded on your site has tons of views and this will help your ranking position even more so.

Fill in all the boxes…
This is EXTREMELY important and too often ignored or not done correctly: When you upload your explanation video to Youtube or Vimeo etc. make sure you fill in the title, description and tags fields. Again, you need to fill these in with relevant descriptions and keywords. Go crazy with the tags and come up with as many as possible…cover all the bases.

These sound like incredibly simple tips but I can honestly tell you that at least half of the videos we produce for clients don’t get this treatment and suffer for it (we do recommend it, of course). Sure, the videos help regardless but it takes very little effort to increase the potential benefits substantially.