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Most people would expect a television commercial to be much more powerful than a marketing video on the web…well, here’s a few reasons why an Explainer Video can be more effective than running an ad on TV (or for that matter, regular ads on websites or in print).

  • A TV commercial is an interruption. It forces you to stop watching the show you chose to watch and instead you end up sitting through something you’re most probably not interested in. An Explainer Video, however, is something that the viewer chooses to watch. Whether it reaches them via an ad on a web page, their twitter feed, a google search or it pops up in their Youtube subscriptions, the viewer clicks play because it’s something they want to see.
  • Somewhat covered above, but an Explanation Video hits its intended audience almost every time. A TV ad runs in between segments of a TV show with the hopes that some of the people watching might be interested. More often than not, the intended audience are out in the kitchen fixing a drink or a snack before the next segment begins.
  • Explainer Videos are affordable to almost any sized business and are free to distribute. TV ads are expensive to produce and on top of that, it costs a small fortune to have them air.
  • You can say very little in a 15 – 30 second spot on TV, especially when you have to rely so heavily on gimmicks to get attention. With an Explainer Video, you can take all the time you need and say as much as you’d like.
  • Primarily, TV ads are seen on your TV. An Explainer Video can be seen on mobile phones, tablets, games consoles and yes, even on your TV.
  • TV ads run in certain specific countries or regions whereas an Explainer Video is available 24/7 worldwide.

Explainer Videos hit their intended audience, are affordable and are extremely effective at increasing online visibility and sales. Contact us to get your Explanation Video.

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