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“Do you make those paper cutout explainer videos?”

We get asked that on a regular basis and the answer is ‘yes’, we do make this kind of explainer video. We call them ‘Handcrafted explainer videos’ but they go by a few different names, like ‘Commoncraft videos’ or ‘Paper cutout videos’. We actually started out (after we stopped filming live events) making Handcrafted videos. We were originally inspired by Common Craft and their simplistic approach to explaining a complex topic ‘in plain English’. We would get asked to create videos in a similar style and ended up developing our own approach – mixing captured footage and animations added in post-production.

Below are a few of our paper cutout based handcrafted explainer videos. If you’d like us to create one for your business, service or idea, reach out and we’ll send you a quote.

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