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Lee Hall

As a general rule, I avoid posting too much about myself online. It feels weird having my personal information publicly available on the internet for anyone to see, watch and read. However, I’ve been thinking for a while about how people hire me without ever having met me in real life (we don’t travel for meetups). I know that Lost Marble is more of a collective than it is just me but since I’m more or less the one in charge, it might be good for a current or potential client to have the means to find out at least a little bit about me.

Mind you, face to face meetings aren’t that great. They’re generally two or more people trying to put their best attributes forward or worse, making up a lot of stuff. Though I suppose I could just conjure up a bunch of fiction for this post too…

As a child I was stabbed with a radioactive pencil. This has given me an amazing ability to animate… Ok, that’s a lie.

Pre-Lost Marble

I grew up in the north east of England and still reside here. I’ve loved art and nerdy stuff for as long as I can remember. Drawing, painting, playing music, comic books and superheroes. I’ve hated sports forever (with the exception of the NFL when I was a kid) and I really enjoy watching people’s brows wrinkle up when I call English football ‘soccer’. I dropped out of education at around 13 years old as it didn’t work and started reading books from the library instead. I didn’t go to college or university but I did complete a business course run through Durham University Business School. They hired me before the course ended to film and edit live events for Durham Uni. That’s where Lost Marble started.

Me age 4


My stuff

Jemimah and myself have been married for over a decade. We have two sons and a cat named Jake.

Books have become an obsession. Classics, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, comics, graphic novels and even my son’s picture books. As I write this, I’m reading Edgar Allan Poe and Dr. Strange. I’m a big fan of Hunter S. Thompson.

I listen to tons of music. Everything from classical to folk to metal. I’ve been an obsessive follower of Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell since the grunge era. My current most listened to bands are ‘Ages and Ages‘, ‘Deathcab for Cutie‘ and Andrew Bird.

Art is another obsession. Painting, drawing and sketching – anything that allows me to create. I play guitar. I have a ukulele and a banjo but can’t really play them well.

There are toys all over the office. I know that nerds are meant to call them collectables but let’s face it…they’re toys. Funko Pop!s and vinyl figures….everywhere. And no, I’m not President/Lord Business, I let the kids play with the office toys.


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I love cooking and I’m not exactly manly about it. I wear my Starbucks apron while listening to classical music and drinking red wine… Mostly I cook Italian dishes. Every Saturday, we have homemade pizzas and we make pasta from scratch. I bake bread too. Baguettes are my favourite but I make beer bread and rich loaves and they’re all awesome. You really can’t beat homemade breads. Oh, and I’ve started making French pastries too.

I absolutely love my job. Actually, calling it a job seems wrong because if no one hired me to work for them, I’d be animating projects for myself. It’s been a life-long obsession and honestly, I don’t look forward to the day I have to retire from it (fortunately, that’s a long, long way off!).

If you’d like to hire us (even after the discovery that I’m a huge nerd) to create an animated video to explain and promote your business, fill in the form below.