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Quite often, we’ll disagree with you. This is not to suit our needs or to make our jobs easier but for the sake of the project. Some clients take this for what it is, us fighting for you, while others don’t take it as well. There’s plenty of animation studios and freelancers that will happily say ‘yes’ to every request and who will fearfully tell you that each and every idea you contribute is the best option…but there’s no value in that (unless it really is the best option). In the end, if they let you break the product, you’ll only really get to see that when it’s finished and you end up paying for something that doesn’t work. We’ll tell you straight and we expect (and appreciate) the same treatment back. If we come up with something that doesn’t fit quite right, please tell us and more importantly, tell us why. If you ask for animated singing, pooping space squirrels to advertise an expensive funeral service, we will likely advise you against it (although, that does sound like fun!).

One of the wonderful things about working with clients instead of for them, is that we get to collaborate on something that works. Our clients are not our boss and we are not 9-5 employees. We’re contracted to work with you and help you explain, promote and increase conversions. So, if we tell you that 10 minutes is too long for an explainer video or that the space squirrels need to go, we’re just trying to take care of you.

Disagreeing where necessary probably doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s one of the most valuable things an agency or freelancer can offer.

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