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I t’s true that we make explainer videos, however, what we really create is animation and it can be served up in many forms. Gifs (Graphics Interchange Format) have been around for a good long while (since 1987!). Over the last few years more and more businesses have adopted gifs as a means of communicating ideas and promoting products on their websites, blogs and across social media platforms. Looping gifs are especially popular.

We often create gifs to show progress to clients or to promote our own business. You can view a few of them below.




Animated gifs are a great way to make you stand out in a social media stream or to attract visitors attention to a particular portion of a web page. If you’re promoting a sale or a new product line, a short looping animated  graphic can be invaluable. We can create custom gifs from scratch or we can render them using parts of an animated explainer that we’re producing for you. The latter obviously being the more cost effective option.


Yeti Hair dryer animated gif


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